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Hi Mike, I'm writing just to thank you for inventing the idea of AlphaGrip and actually making it commercially available for us. I also want to share how it improved my daily life, it's been 4 or 5 (can't remember) years of happy gripping so I want to write a long message to let you know how I grip everyday. I want you to know that there's someone right here that believes this is a really great keyboard!

I know there are lots of other costumers out there you've acquainted at and I hope you still remember me, I'm the lead programmer of Pacifica ( who used AlphaGrip 99% of the time (from programming to usual online chatting). I'm not socially active (you can see it on my FB profile), and not outspoken (at least in cyberworld) so maybe I'm one of the AlphaGrip users who really value the product but had no time or had no chance to reach out to let you know we do!

I code on my desktop before but I've switched to tablet because I don't want to stick on the desk. After some time coding on the tablet, I switched to my phone. Right now, I'm exclusively using my phone and my AlphaGrip to do my programming projects and I've been doing this for over 7 months. How? you can see it on the photo haha! I'm running ArchLinux on my phone and everything I need for coding stuffs were there.

I'm a geek, and you know, we talk a lot of stuffs (what movies stereotypically portray is really close, but is exagerated) that normal people wouldn't care and wouldn't even listen to so I understand if you're not interested in what I'm talking about but simply knowing that you've read this message would make the geek happy.

I've got 2 AlphaGrip (non-optical and optical version). If you could still remember, I complained about my mouse (in optical version) because it is not working anymore. However, I never pursued and even have no plan to pursue complaining because I don't use the mouse anyway, my phone have a touch screen. With or without mouse, nothing will change the way I code everyday.


This is what 90% of the time my eyes see and my hands hold in my everyday work as a programmer. Programmers' nirvana is the tandem of Linux and a command line terminal, fortunately, you can have both if you got a rooted Android phone.

At first, I was bit skeptical about moving from my tablet to my phone if it would "work" and would be as comfortable as if I was working on a tablet but hell yeah! working on a phone is 3x better compared on a tablet. No need to have a table, I can even code when lying in bed or bring it to dining table and talk with my geek dad while he's eating. I even tried going to mall with my dad just to try coding while on a coffee shop or even standing on a corner. Super portable and mobile.


Well, nothing interesting except for the wallpaper (of my girl friend) of my phone, I just like to show that there's only one Alt-Tab away to switch my phone to a normal Android smartphone (do chatting and web browsing) to a full-blown and complete programmer's device. You might notice the green spiral cord, I need to connect it to a regular USB charger or a power bank because my phone (Nexus 4) doesn't officially support plugging in USB devices (USB on-the-go or OTG), with some hacking, it would work, however you need to supply a power to the USB device. I envy my friend's phone (Galaxy S4) because you can plug AG to it right out-of-the-box without the need for supplying power to the AG. As a result, everytime I carry my phone and my AG around, I also carry power bank just for the AG to work.


Phone not mounted in the AG. My dad helped me put a phone car mount we bought from hardware store to the AG so I can mount my phone there. I was really really happy when it was putted there because before that, I was stucked on a table with a general purpose tablet/phone stand just to hold my phone upright.



My first AlphaGrip (non-optical version) which I'm planning to convert into a standard bluetooth keyboard using Arduino and a bluetooth HID module, unfortunately, I've ordered those I need on Nov 27 delivered via USPS and until now, the tracking number still says it is still not leaving California. I'll let you know if I succeeded on my plan. If I succeed, only a head mount display is the last missing piece for my ultra portable a-l-a Robocop/Universal Soldier work station! I'll become a cyborg-like one day haha!


Well, that's all I can say, sorry for a very long message, this is the consequence of being AlphaGrip-loving-geek. Gonna go sleep. Again, thanks for inventing AlphaGrip! - Galileo Lajara


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