AlphaGrip is Out of Stock

... AlphaGrip, Model AG-5 3D Keyboard & Trackball ...

The iGrip Ergonomic Keyboard is currently out of stock. We do not know if and when there will be another production run of the iGrip. We are working on a next generation AlphaGrip, but cannot currently project a launch date with any degree of accuracy.

To reserve an iGrip from the next production run and receive a $30 discount off the $129 retail price or if you would like to receive information regarding the development of the next gen AlphaGrip, email with “Contact” in the subject line and we’ll be in touch. Please note that standard shipping and handling fees are $10 to a mainland U.S. destination, $20 to Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada, and $30 elsewhere.

Thank you.

Product Description
The iGrip Ergonomic Keyboard is a superior alternative for the human-computer interface. It enables high speed computing while sitting, standing, leaning back, or lying down. When holding an iGrip, your hands are positioned in a comfortable vertical orientation while your fingers naturally fall on keys located on the back of the device. See for yourself as the iGrip is demoed by a teen in a recliner, by the inventor on a laptop outdoors, gaming on a flat screen TV, setting the world record for texting on a handheld device, and literally on the run.

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