Programmer Codes and Chats on an AlphaGrip-mounted Smartphone



Galileo L., the lead programmer at gaming-app company, Pacifica (, has been a Gripper for more than four years. He has been coding exclusively on his smartphone mounted on his AlphaGrip for the past seven months.

“I coded on my desktop before, but I switched to a tablet because I didn't want to be stuck to the desk. After some time coding on the tablet, I switched to my phone. Right now, I'm exclusively using my phone and my AlphaGrip to do my programming projects … How? you can see it on the photo haha! I'm running ArchLinux on my phone and everything I need for coding is there.”

“At first, I was a bit skeptical about moving from my tablet to my phone. I didn’t know if it would "work" and would be as comfortable to use as a tablet, but hell yeah! Working on a phone is 3x better compared to a tablet. No need to have a table. I can even code when lying in bed or bring it to the dining table and talk with my geek dad while he's eating. I even tried going to the mall with my dad just to try coding while in a coffee shop or even while standing on a corner. It’s super portable and mobile!”




“Well, nothing interesting except for the wallpaper (of my girlfriend) of my phone, I just like to show that there's only one Alt-Tab away to switch my phone to a normal Android smartphone (do chatting and web browsing) to a full-blown and complete programmer's device.

You might notice the green spiral cord, I need to connect it to a regular USB charger or a power bank because my phone (Nexus 4) doesn't officially support plugging in USB devices (USB on-the-go or OTG), with some hacking, it would work, however you need to supply a power to the USB device. I envy my friend's phone (Galaxy S4) because you can plug AG to it right out-of-the-box without the need for supplying power to the AG…








“My first AlphaGrip ..., which I'm planning to convert into a standard Bluetooth keyboard using Arduino and a Bluetooth HID module… If I succeed, only a head mount display is the last missing piece for my ultra portable a-l-a Robocop/Universal Soldier work station! I'll become a cyborg-like one day haha!










My dad helped me put a phone car mount we bought from hardware store to the AG so I can mount my phone there. [He screwed it into the AG, just above the logo.] I was really really happy when it was put there because before that, I was stuck on a table with a general purpose tablet/phone stand just to hold my phone upright.








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