The Yaarg Remap

The Yaarg Keyboard Remap is an executable program that reorganizes the character configuration of the iGrip computer keyboard so that all letters, numbers, symbols, and most of the functions are produced with the finger keys. Changes from the original configuration are explained below. The program was created with a free, open-source utility called AutoHotkey. Related questions, comments and answers can be found on the AlphaGrip Google Group at the Yaarg Remap Thread or at the AlphaGrip Wiki.

Click here to see the Yaarg Remap key configuration.

New Functions and Features

  1. Ctrl and Alt are now remapped to keys higher up on the thumb side of the Grip. The old "J" and "Z" keys are now Alt, and the old "V" and "X" keys are now Ctrl.

  2. All letter & symbol keys previously produced by the thumb keys are now produced by the finger keys. With this configuration, thumb keys now control mouse functions, shift functions, Back Space, Space, Enter, Ctrl and Alt. To make this possible, additional shift keys are remapped to the thumb side of the Grip. The new shift keys are Cyan (C and BKSpace) and Blue (Y and Ent.) Red and Green shift locations are still the same.

  3. Although the Red shift continues to generate numbers and symbols, the locations have changed.

  4. The Green shift generates some of the same default functions such as % and ~, some old Red shift functions such as @ and /, and some coder-friendly functions such as Copy and Paste.

  5. The Cyan shift generates web navigation functions. They include, but are not limited to, Page Up & Down, Wheel Up & Down, Back, Forward, and Tab Left and Right.

  6. The Blue shift generates letters, punctuation, and symbols. They include ; ? M , ' U [ F { G : W ! . H " B ] C }

  7. Blue or Cyan Shift functions can be locked by double-clicking the Blue or Cyan Shift button. Download the Blue and Cyan icons in the same directory as the Yaarg.exe and you will see a Blue or Cyan icon appear in the bottom right corner when the lock is activate. Double-click the Blue or Cyan Shift button to deactivate the lock.

  8. Finally, to turn off the Remap, press the "PrtSc" key.

Create Your Own Keyboard Remap

With AutoHotkey, you can change the mapping and functionality of almost any Windows computer keyboard. If you'd like to give it a try, go to and download the program. Once installed, you can either start from scratch or use the "YAARG.AHK" file from the Yaarg Remap Script as a blueprint.

See the AutoHotkey site or the Alphagrip Google Group for more information.

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