Genesis of Ping BF2 Key-Map

August 14, 2006
This is to let you know that I received my AlphaGrip today and initial tests show it to be in good working order. I'm an avid gamer and my hopes for the AlphaGrip are as an ultra gaming controller. I'm happy to report that, although the trackball is indeed slow, it does not present an issue for me. The game I plan to use it with, Battlefield 2, has an in-game mouse accelerator that solves that problem. The trackball is excellent at providing what I need, which is pinpoint accuracy with my thumb. I found that by accelerating the trackball by four times [using Battlefield 2’s mouse acceleration feature] I get the speed I need. Frankly, with the acceleration on, I like the trackball better then my Kensington expert mouse! I'm able to control my gun with my thumb instead of needing my entire left hand, and that frees me up to switch weapons, spot enemy, hit the 'talk' button, etc….

Once I've gotten used to the controller, I'll post the key-maps I use for Battlefield.

September 09, 2006
I only wish I'd found my AlphaGrip a little sooner. Last week I pulled a muscle in my shoulder from using the touchkey/mouse on my Dell laptop too much. It's the shoulder muscle you use when you push down forcefully on something with your hand. Let me tell you, that is a muscle you do not want to injure because it is very hard to rest. The only way I can get relief is by putting my arm in a sling. Thankfully I can still use my AlphaGrip ...

September 10, 2006
[T]he AlphaGrip is far superior to mouse and keyboard style gaming. With mouse and keyboard you are forced to man the keyboard with one hand. In Battlefield 2, that means you need to take your hand away from the movement keys for a split-second to do things like enter vehicles, check your score, call out the position of enemy troops, switch weapons, and plenty of other activities. With the AlphaGrip, I never stop moving and that can be the difference between seizing a coveted vehicle like the helicopter or getting left on the ground. It is also less stressful on my hands to execute combination moves like strafing and moving forward, jumping and parachuting, strafing and reloading, etc. Frankly, I gave up using the keyboard a long time ago and was using a Saitek X52 programmable joystick with mouse before switching to the AlphaGrip. I moved away from the joystick when I couldn't program on all the buttons I needed to play Battlefield. And I found myself switching to the keyboard anyway to type text messages. The AlphaGrip serves all my gaming needs in one comfortable package. It IS the keyboard and mouse. It's just a lot easier to use.

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