The Andersen Remap, 1.1

The Andersen Keyboard Remap is an executable program that reorganizes the character configuration of the AG-5 computer keyboard so that all letters, numbers, symbols, and functions are produced with the finger keys. Changes from the original configuration are explained below. The program was created with a free, open-source utility called AutoHotkey. Related questions, comments and answers can be found on the AlphaGrip Google Group at the Andersen Remap Thread.

To see a graphic of the new thumb key configuration, click here.

To see a graphic of the new finger key configuration, click here.

New Functions and Features

1. Ctrl and Alt are now remapped to keys higher up on the thumb side of the Grip. The old "J" and "X" keys are now Ctrl, and the old "V" and "Z" keys are now Alt.  (see graphic)

2. All letter, symbol and function (excluding shift) keys previously produced by the thumb keys are now produced by the finger keys. With this configuration, thumb keys solely control mouse functions and shift functions. To make this possible, additional shift keys were remapped to the thumb side of the Grip. The new shift keys are red (L and Space,) blue (K and Tab,) orange (C and BkSpace) and green (Y and Ent.)  (see graphic)

3. The original red and green shift keys only work with the thumb-side buttons, except for the @ sign.

4. There are not enough finger keys to make up for the loss of letters and functions previously produced by the thumb keys. To compensate, some characters are now generated by hitting adjacent keys at the same time. For example, hitting "T" and "E" at the same time produces "J" and hitting "O" and "P" at the same time produces "Z".  (see graphic)

5. Finally, to turn off the Remap, press the "PrtSc" key. This is accomplished by pressing the original "PrtSc" key or by pressing either the old "K" or "Tab" key (the new blue shift) and the "B" key at the same time.

Read what an AlphaGrip customer said about the Andersen Remap:    

  This is a truly moby hack. I was considering putting aside my AG because it was too difficult to reach all the Ctrl- and Alt-modified keys I need to get things done (emacs, heh). Your layout, with modifier keys all reachable by the thumbs, is much more comfortable and functional than the original AG layout.

It's also great for commonly typed Linux/Unix commands like "cd" and "ls", because C and L are now relocated to the backside finger keys.

The two new shift keys are, counterintuitively, easy to pick up and start using, thanks to functional key mapping (red for numbers, blue for cursor movement keys, etc.)

I really encourage anyone who often uses the Ctrl and Alt keys to download AutoHotkey at and give Carl's hack a try. Nice!


Creating Your Own Keyboard Remap

The Andersen Remap was created with a program called AutoHotkey.

With AutoHotkey, you can change the mapping and functionality of almost any Windows computer keyboard. If you'd like to give it a try, go to and download the program. Once installed, you can either start from scratch or use the "AG5 release101.ini" file from the Andersen Remap Script as a blueprint.

See the AutoHotkey site or the Alphagrip Google Group for more information.

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